By Nicole ChappleFinancial Post – Posted March 17, 2018 02:18:12You may be thinking, “Oh my God, I have a boyfriend and I would LOVE to have a manicure like this.

How can I get it to work for her?”

I’ve got you covered!

There are a lot of DIY manis available on the internet that you can make yourself, whether it’s for yourself or someone else.

I’ll show you how to make one for yourself, then share my tips on how to do it the right way.1.

Make a homemade nail polish recipe:Make the first step: Get your favorite nail polish remover or polish remander ready to mix it all up.

Then, spray a small amount of the polish remaker with a thin coat of polish remacer to coat it with the polish.

Set the polish aside to dry for 30 minutes or so.

After the 30-minute drying time, apply your nail polish and gently pat it onto the surface of your nails.2.

Get the nail polish in order:After the polish has dried, remove it from the nail remover and apply it to the nail.

This is important: Make sure to not rub the polish off too much of the surface, otherwise you’ll make it hard to apply the next coat.3.

Apply the next polish to the surface:Apply the next layer of polish on the nail and repeat for the rest of the nails.

You can leave the second layer in for about a minute, or you can coat it for a few minutes.

The next layer will be completely dry and you’ll be ready to apply your next layer.4.

Apply a second coat of nail polish:After you’ve coated the nail with your next polish, brush it over the nail to remove any remaining polish from the surface.

Apply that nail polish on top of the next one.

Repeat for the other nails.

Repeat until you’ve finished the entire manicure.

I use two coats of nail polishes, but you can use any amount you’d like.

You want to be sure to coat each nail completely, and leave a layer of nail liner on top.

I also use a small brush for this manicure because I use it to remove excess nail polish.

When I’m working on a manicurist, I always try to apply a small, flat brush to each manicure to ensure I’m applying just enough polish on each nail.

I do this with this manicurer so that it won’t be hard to work with.5.

Finish your manicure:After your manicurists finish applying the next nail polish, apply the second coat on top to seal in all of the product.

For each nail, apply it in one thin coat to seal it.

Repeat this process until the entire nail has been finished.

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