A Christmas manicure, which features a lot of Christmas decorations, may not be as festive as the one pictured above, but it’s still an adorable way to decorate your nails.

According to the blogpost of an Israeli woman named Rachel, who makes her nails with a custom polish called “Christmas” nail polish, the manicure is a collaboration between her husband and her father.

“My father asked if I would be willing to make his nails with his Christmas nail polish,” Rachel wrote on her blog.

“I was very happy, and I decided to make this manicure because I love Christmas nails.”

She added that she had “made some changes in my nails in the past few years,” such as using a thinner base coat, which made her nails look fuller and more vibrant.

“But it still looked like Christmas nails to me.”

She also added that it was her “first Christmas manicurist,” adding, “I have a lot more Christmas nails than my parents.”

The nail polish can be purchased at the “Gladstone” nail salon in Jerusalem, which specializes in Christmas nails and other festive nail designs.

Rachel is also featured in a video on YouTube showing her making Christmas nails, which you can watch below.

Rachel also shared photos of her nails made with her father’s “Christmas nail polish” and another made with a “Christmas polish from my mom’s handbag.”

Rachel and her husband also own the “Prestigious” nail shop in Jerusalem that sells Christmas nails for around $300 a pop.

The nail salon has also been known to offer Christmas nails on special occasions such as the holidays.

The nail salon’s owner, a “Christian gentleman” named Yair, has also shared an Instagram post where he explains that he was inspired to create Christmas nails by a man named Daniel who asked if he would make a Christmas manicured nail.

“It’s the first time I made my own nails, and it’s very simple,” Yair told The Jerusalem Mail.

“All I did was to paint a very light green base coat and paint it with Christmas red.”

He explained that he then used a lighter green polish for the red, and then added a white base coat to give the nails their Christmas look.

“This was a little bit of a challenge for me because I have a small amount of red on my nails,” he explained.

“After I started painting it, I couldn’t wait to use it on Christmas Day.”

I did this nail on the day that the holiday begins, and on Christmas Eve I painted my nails.

“The photo of the nail salon owner on Instagram is one of several pictures shared by Yair on his Instagram account, which is dedicated to Christmas nail designs and is frequently used to show off Christmas nail art and decorations.

The photos show various nail designs, including the “Mermaid” manicure with a festive theme, as well as the “Kittens” manicurizing with the traditional Christmas tree motif.

“Then I used a bit of lighter green for the base and then I used red for the nail.”””

The first time, I used the Christmas polish and did it very light,” he said.

“Then I used a bit of lighter green for the base and then I used red for the nail.”

“I’m a Christian and I’ve always loved Christmas,” he added.

And I think that’s why I made the nails and why I’m sharing this post.”

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