With the arrival of the summer season, nail art is getting a lot of buzz.

While some have been calling it the nail art craze, others have argued that the trend is more about style than anything else.

Here are the key takeaways from the latest trends in nail art.


French manicures are the new trend The latest trend in nail arts is french manicure.

French is one of the oldest languages in the world and has been used to write, write, and write again for hundreds of years.

It’s also one of most widely spoken languages in Australia, where around 40 per cent of the population speak French.

It comes in two basic forms: a straight manicure and a curled and twisted manicure that is meant to show the shape of the nail.

The curved manicure is popular in Australia because it makes it easier to achieve a perfect straight line and to give the impression of being straight.

The straight manicures look great on a woman, but can be a bit too distracting on a man.

The curled manicure also works well on a girl and can be quite a turn on.

French has been in the spotlight lately because of the Paris terror attacks, which left 129 people dead and more than 500 injured.

French nail art was a hot topic after a spate of nail art parades around Paris in May.

Many of the women in the parades wore the french manicurist look.

The French trend of french manicured nails is gaining popularity and has taken over Instagram.

This trend is not confined to Paris.

In Australia, there have been some nail art trends for men as well.

Here’s what you need on how to nail polish your nails for men: 2.

Women have been known to use nail polish in the past For centuries, women have been using nail polish to decorate their nails and have been able to do so for hundreds or even thousands of years, according to the American Anthropological Association.

However, in recent years, women started to start using nail art in their daily lives.

According to a study in 2009, more than a third of women in Australia said they used nail polish during their daily activities.

In the UK, women are more likely to use the curling and wiggling manicures.


The curling style is one that is popular with men, not just women A curling manicure can look great if you are an older gentleman who has a more feminine, feminine style.

Curling is also a great way to get a straight line on your nails and can also be used to make your nails appear more feminine.

A straight manicurised look is also popular with younger people.

A curl manicure looks great on younger people as well and it’s a good alternative to straight nails for people who have thin fingers or have thin nails.

Curled nail art also has a certain appeal to younger people, and some of the most popular nail art designs for children include the Little Man and the Little Girl.


A curled manicurising nail is a little on the delicate side The curvy look is great for older people.

However the curl manicurisation looks great if it’s done for someone who has thinner fingers or is a smaller person, says Sally Smith, who teaches nail design at Melbourne’s St Vincent de Paul University.

“If you are going to do a curvy nail art you’re going to need to make sure that you’re keeping your nails thin and you’re making sure you don’t have too much movement on the nail,” Ms Smith says.

Curvy nails can be very difficult to apply, but a curling nail is the perfect choice for someone like this because it’s easy to do.

Curving nails also look better with a lotion or nail polish, which is what people like to do with their curvy nails.

The curls are a lot more appealing than straight nails, so people are gravitating towards curls.

Curls are a great choice for anyone looking for a cute way to change up their nails.


The Little Man manicure isn’t as popular as straight nails The Little Girl manicure has been popular for a while now, and it has become more popular since the Paris attacks.

It is popular because of its simplicity.

This nail art has become popular among young people, who are looking for something different and a more modern style.

“The Little Man nail art looks great with a dab of nail polish and some nail polish on top,” Ms Jones says.

“I think the Little Boy nail art look is just as fun and has more fun colours.”


Straight nail art can be messy The curls and curls have always been popular because they’re easy to work with and are a good way to give your nails a more contemporary look, says Emily Dingle, who blogs for nail artist Dingle and works in Melbourne.

“You can work your nails into a more geometric shape if you want, and the curl nails can make them look

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