A gel manicurist in Milan has made a new invention to keep his nails sharp and beautiful.

The gel manicured nails are made of natural nail polish and are said to have a natural shine and a long lasting effect on the skin.

They are also very fashionable and are even available in many stores.

Manicure on the runThe gel nail manicurists, known as ‘mascarelli’ in Italy, have created a way of using nail polish to keep nails shiny and even for a short period of time.

They said the new product can be used as an alternative to a gel manicures.

It is said to keep your nails sharp for up to an hour after applying the gel nail polish.

Mascarellis are usually made from a mixture of different products.

The product is made of a mixture containing several ingredients including: nail polish, oil, vitamins and minerals, and vitamins B6, B6-E, B12 and D.

The company has been selling the product in the market for about 10 years.

It can be purchased online for about 500 euros.

The use of gel nail polishes are usually a luxury item and a popular option amongst men.

Some women, however, are against the use of the gel manicuring and say they feel they are being overdone.’

If I was going to buy a manicure for the money, I would not use it’ said Stefano, a 31-year-old manicurer.’

It would be too expensive.’

According to the man, the gel nails will have a dull and lifeless look.

However, he added that he would recommend it to his clients because it is easy to use and not too expensive.’

The only thing that will make it look better is if I use a lot of water,’ he said.’

I can’t do anything about it.’

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