I was shocked when I saw this picture, posted to Facebook last week, of a woman in a red manicure and a purple one, sitting on a bed.

The caption was: ‘I’ve been wanting to make my own manicure for quite some time now.

It’s like going to a spa.’

 But, the woman’s mother said, ‘I think I can live with it’.

The woman, who did not want to be named, said she had been living with bipolar disorder for three years and her mother had told her it was her ‘right to wear what she wants’.

‘I can wear a red or a purple for my birthday, but not to the beach.

I don’t want to go to a beach where it’s too dark,’ she said.

I think it’s my right to wear whatever I want, regardless of whether I’m bipolar or not.

It was hard for me to accept the message, as I knew I had bipolar disorder, but it was so comforting to know she was OK.

‘It’s OK to wear red and purple, but to me it’s not OK to go for the beach,’ the woman said.

She had not told her mother before that her decision had been made, but she said she thought it was important to tell her.

Her mother said she knew that there were other people with bipolar disease who were not accepting of their choice, and it was difficult for her to tell them what she was going to do.

The mother said her son had not taken medication for a number of years, and the mother had asked him to see a doctor about her condition when she became depressed.

She said he told her he was taking a prescribed anti-anxiety medication, but the woman did not believe him and was angry.

He said he felt depressed and he said he had lost his job, and was in a ‘really bad place’.

He was angry at the woman for telling him, and he was angry that he was not accepting that he had bipolar illness.

After being told that he would be taking medication, he said that he wanted to wear a different colour for his birthday.

My son wants to wear the same colour for my anniversary.

So I decided to go back and get a new one, and that was when I found out that this woman had made a decision that she could not accept.

The man, who was wearing a red coat, said he loved the idea of a man wearing a purple or red coat.

He said it felt ‘beautiful’.

When asked what she thought of the mother, he replied: ‘She was really lovely.

I think she’s got a good point, and she is making the right choice for her son.

But the man said he was very happy that he could not wear a purple manicure.

When he was asked if he would like to get a purple dress for his 21st birthday, he laughed and said ‘no, no, no.

No, no’.

But he did say that he does not want it to be a ‘big reveal’.

It’s just a dress, and I love it, he added.

This is not the first time the woman has gone public with her decision to wear her own manicures.

In 2015, she posted to the Facebook group of ‘I’m a bipolar woman’, where she said: ‘It’s ok to wear any colour you want.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s pink, red, blue or whatever.’

But she later deleted the post and said she was sorry that people had ‘misunderstood’ her decision.

A similar post was made on Facebook by a woman named Rachel, who wrote that she had bipolar, had depression and bipolar disorder and wanted a red, purple and white dress for her 21st year anniversary.

Rachel said she did not feel she needed to reveal her bipolar status and was hoping that people would be understanding.

However, she said the comment made her feel uncomfortable and that she felt like she had ‘ruined my life’.

Rachel said she does not have a bipolar diagnosis and had been using medication for depression and anxiety for three months.

Rachel posted the photo on Facebook and was asked by people what she would wear to her 21th birthday, and said that she would not be wearing a pink, purple or white manicure to that date.

On Facebook, the comment was shared by more than 30,000 people.

As Rachel’s comments were shared, she began receiving support from other people who shared similar posts and shared that their bipolar disorder had made them think they should ‘go green’.

On Tuesday, Rachel said that her friend who shared the photo had told them: ‘If you don’t like it, don’t wear it’.

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