You’ve heard the story before, a manicure that looks a bit like a giant plastic bag with a nail art imprinted on it.

It’s not a joke.

People are dying in China from nail-related injuries every day.

And while most of the time people wear their manicures as a joke, a handful of people have died and others have been hospitalized in China after having botched manicures. 

In an article for the Chinese magazine People’s Daily, a doctor from the Beijing Medical University in China explains that the idea of a manicurist doing his or her own nails came from a Chinese proverb, meaning the nail is the nail.

“If we think about the way we look, we must be careful, and not let others see us, or our nails will become a target,” the article reads.

“People do not like it if someone else has a manicured nails.

If the person does not pay attention, people may get hurt.” 

In a manicuring session, a professional artist applies a special nail polish, then adds the nail art, which is then glued on to the nail itself, and the nail polish is removed from the nail and reattached to the skin. 

This is how the nail artists would look to a human, said the doctor.

The nail art on the bottom of the nail has a special polish called gel manicures, and this is where they are applying their nails. 

It’s not just a joke: In China, nail art is illegal, and if you are caught doing it, you face up to 10 years in jail, a fine of $250,000, and a jail sentence of two to three years. 

People do have the right to have their nails done by a professional nail stylist, however.

If they choose to do it, the nail stylists must not only apply the gel manicuring polish, but they must also give it a clean polish.

And if the person who applied the gel is found to have done it with a dangerous or irresponsible intention, the punishment is death.

If someone is found guilty of this crime, they will be executed by hanging.

However, there are a number of other factors that can make a person think that he or she is going to die in a manicures accident. 

One of them is when the person goes into the room.

“Sometimes, when someone goes into a manicurer’s office, they feel as if they are in a hospital and they are very worried about their safety,” said the woman doctor. 

“If the person has gone into the hospital, and has a problem, they have a chance of getting injured,” the doctor continued.

“It is very important to tell the client that he should always take care, and to always wear his protective coat. 

Sometimes, people feel like they are going to be able to die after being in a car accident.

It is a very scary experience.” 

If the nail artist does get injured in a nail salon, the person must stay in the salon and not leave until they are treated.

In some cases, a nail stylier has to leave a person in a room for more than three hours to give the nail a proper polish. 

If there are complications after a nail session, such as bleeding from the skin or a cut or bruise, the doctor explained that the nail must be cleaned and not applied. 

According to the doctor, a person may feel very anxious when they are at the nail salon and they don’t want to be in the same room as a person who has died. 

But the doctor stressed that nail artists are not responsible for the deaths of their clients.

They are only there to make sure the nail’s nails are perfect and to help a person recover. 

There is also the matter of whether the nail can be applied in a certain manner. 

A nail artist must not apply gel manicured nail polish into the nails of someone who is not a client. 

The doctor said the person may say, “I have done this manicure in a salon, so I should do it in a professional salon.

But the problem is, the professional salon will not give me the gel.” 

“You cannot say that you are not going to help, but you are going only to make a mark,” said Dr. Xu. 

She said that a professional manicurant must be very careful to apply gel nails to the person’s nails, but there are ways to avoid getting injured. 

For example, a small piece of paper is folded and put into the nail of the person before the nail comes into contact with the nail or the nail touches the skin, said Dr, Xu.

She said that the paper is not folded in the way a traditional manicurator would fold it, and it’s not clear that it can be put into a nail without damage. 

Dr. Xu said that nail art has a long history in China. 

From ancient times to

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