French manicures can be incredibly versatile.

While the majority of people apply them in a straight line from one end of the body to the other, a few choose to place them in one-dimensional, straight lines instead.

Here’s how to get your manicure right.

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Remove any loose or creaky skin.

Use a gentle, damp sponge to massage and apply the skin from one side of your face to the opposite side.

Apply the skin to the center of your forehead, chin, forehead ridge, and neckline.

The process will take less than an hour.

If you want your nails to look like a cross between a french manicurist and a manicure artist, start with the tip of your nail.

Apply an angled, wide, thin line that will look like an inverted triangle on the outside of your nails.

Repeat on the other side.2.

Apply a small amount of nail polish onto your fingertips.

Place the tip under your nail and dab the polish over your nail to make it more rounded.

This step can take anywhere from an hour to two hours, depending on how long you have left.3.

If you’re looking to add a French manicure to your look, apply a large number of polish to the inside of your hands.

Hold the nail on one hand and place the tip on the opposite hand.

Hold it firmly and apply polish with a circular motion.

Repeat for the other hand.4.

Once you’ve done the whole process, you’re done.

The best way to remove excess polish is to use a soft brush.

Follow the instructions to make sure you don’t overdo it.5.

Now it’s time to get the nail polish into your nails!

Apply the polish with your fingers.

Be careful not to let the polish run all the way through your nails, so it won’t look as natural.6.

Next, gently push the polish into the nail, which will be much harder to remove.

Keep applying the polish and letting it sit on the nail for a few seconds to let it dry.7.

After your manicures are done, rinse your hands with warm water to remove any extra polish.

Use the sponge to gently rub the excess polish out.8.

If your nails have been dry for more than a day, you can use a highlighter to apply your new manicure.

Apply it with a soft sponge and blend it in with your other manicures.

This is very important because the highlighters will keep your nails looking natural and fresh.9.

Once your nails are done applying your new polish, put your nail polish back on the nails to finish the look.10.

Next time you want to add some extra polish to your nails you can try applying it over a gloss to create a more natural, full-on look.

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