A French manicure has been developed that uses a gel to provide protection and a natural shine for skin, hair and nails.

The gel manicures are also designed to prevent nail fungus.

“They are designed to reduce the chance of nail fungus, to improve skin care and for the protection of nails,” said Marie-France Brien, a professor at the École des Beaux Arts, a Paris-based design school.

The idea is to prevent the spread of nail fungi by applying the gel and then using a thin layer of oil to prevent it from spreading.

“It is important that we use a product that is natural, not synthetic,” Brien told CBC News.

“So that’s the main goal.”

The gel nail is made with a mixture of silicone and vegetable oil.

It is meant to be used on the hands and feet.

It is not clear what the gel formula is made from or how it was applied to the nail.

The oil is sprayed onto the nail, allowing the gel to adhere to the skin.

The nail is then coated with a thin coating of the gel, which is then applied onto the nails.

“When it is dry, it can be applied with a gel brush,” said Brien.

It takes about five minutes for the gel nail to get on the skin, and about a minute for it to fully adhere.

“This is the essence of the product,” said a person who answered the phone at the cosmetics shop that was part of the project.

“You put it on your hands and then you apply it with a gentle circular motion,” said the person who was not allowed to give his name because he feared repercussions.

The person said he did not have to apply the gel on his own nails.

“I was really surprised to see how it is so smooth, because I never really liked to do that,” said his friend.

“And the results are really good.”

While the gel is a product designed to protect the nails, it is also used to protect hair.

“In the case of hair, I was also interested in how the product is applied and what is it supposed to do,” said another person.

The cosmetics shop owner said it was the first time he had seen a gel manicured nail, and that he hoped the gel would make people use it more often.

“We were not aware of gel manicuring, so this is really exciting to me,” he said.

The owner said he had used the gel manicurist before and that they were very good, and said he was surprised by the results.

“There was no difference,” he added.

“I didn’t know this product existed.

But when I saw the results, I thought it was amazing.”

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