Posted July 25, 2018 08:19:00When you need to use your own nail polish remover to remove a messy or worn nail, you need a manicura.

A manicura is a medical treatment for a condition that causes pain or discomfort.

It is a procedure where you apply a lot of pressure or force on a nail, causing it to swell and grow back.

It’s usually used in a manicured nail or in an area where you can’t get a proper manicure, such as under the skin.

“The only thing I can think of is a really ugly manicure that you can do on your bum,” Dr Kiki Nunn, a clinical associate professor of dermatology at University of Melbourne, told

“If you can see a nail that’s been bitten or something, it might be a bad manicure.”

Nunn said it was important to get the problem right.

“I’d always like to get it right, but sometimes I think the nail may have a very ugly look, or there might be scarring.”

Sometimes, you can have scarring and you can be able to remove that scarring with a simple manicure or with a lotion or a loter.

“Dr Nunn said the best way to get rid of an ugly manicurise was to get a good manicure.”

It’s really important to use a lot less pressure,” she said.”

That’s because the nail itself is fragile and it can swell up and cause pain and inflammation.

“You can get it wrong, and it might cause problems down the track.”

If you’ve got an ugly or messy manicure on your body, it’s possible it may not be a good idea to remove it, she said, because it might make you look ugly or you might get a cut or bruise.

“For me, it would be better to leave it, and if I’ve got a nice manicure and it’s got some nice shine and it looks good, I might not want to remove the nail.”

Nott said she would have to get her nails examined to see if she could remove the problem.

“Because I’m not going to have a bad, ugly manicured nails, I’m going to try to get that manicure to look good, and that’s going to be a bit of a challenge,” she told

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