Vice News has reported that creator Matt Groening is now “not happy” with a “racist” Simpsons character.

The report comes after Groening defended the character “Krusty” from racist attacks by other characters.

The Simpsons is the longest-running cartoon series in US history.

The series first aired in 1976.

Groening also made a series of animated shorts about black people in America.

The show is a cultural icon and the most successful show on television.

“Kurt” is a parody of Krusty the Clown, a character created by Groening and based on his real-life father, Kurt Vonnegut.

The character is black and has been described as “a big ol’ white guy who looks like Kurt Cobain.”

Groening made a video on Facebook of his anger with “Krissy” and “Kool-Aid Man” over racist comments about black culture.

“I’m still not happy with Krissy, and I think there’s some racism going on there,” Groening said in the video.

“When we first did the Krissy sketch, it was a joke.

Now, I don’t know, maybe they’re not racist, but I just don’t like her character, Krissy.”

The character, known as Krissy the Clown has become a staple of the Simpsons.

In one episode, she is seen performing in front of a giant Krusting machine.

Another episode features Krissy singing her hit “Rumble Down, Baby, Rumba Rumbaa,” which is a nod to the 1980s pop-punk band Nirvana.

The characters name is a play on “Krabby” the Krustiest Boy in the World.

In 2016, Groening told Buzzfeed News that he’s “not a racist.”

“I think people of all colors are welcome in this country,” he said.

“You can be whoever you want to be.

You can have a big family, you can be a family-friendly show.

I’m not racist.”

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