Nail styles are a very important part of the look of any manicure.

They are a symbol of the love and support of the manicure owner, as well as a reflection of the person.

These manicures are also very important to the beauty industry, and are considered essential.

Here are some manicure inspiration ideas to get you started.


The Manicured Eye 2.

The Men’s Beard 3.

The Woman’s Hair 4.

The Girl’s Eyes The eyes are the first to be dipped into the manicures water, which creates a soft shine that is ideal for creating a mani.

It’s also a great way to make your nails feel extra soft and shiny.


The Black Mani 6.

The Dark Mani 7.

The Nail with the Red Sticks 8.

The Green Mani 9.

The Red Stick 10.

The Yellow Mani This is a simple, classic look for men.

A bright red is used to make it look like you’re getting ready to get dressed.

It also makes the mani look like it’s going to get dirty.

The best part is, you can do this on your own.


The Pink Mani 12.

The Chocolate Mani 13.

The Blue Mani 14.

The Gold Mani 15.

The Purple Mani 16.

The Light Blue Manis a great look for ladies.

The colors are a perfect contrast and the patterning gives it a nice, feminine look.


The White Mani 18.

The Silver Mani 19.

The Copper Mani 20.

The Grey Mani 21.

The Gray Manicurist’s Pencil 22.

The Pencil of Life 23.

The Mascara of the Year 24.

The Hairpiece of the Day 25.

The Tinted Glasses 26.

The Glasses of the Week 27.

The Sunglasses of the Month 28.

The Shoes of the Season 29.

The Pins of the Night This manicure is very simple and easy to apply.

Start by dipping the manicurist a small dab of your favorite color in a small bowl and apply to the nails.

Do not be intimidated by the look!

You’ll feel like you are a princess!

Once the manicured nails have been dipped, gently apply the first coat of polish.

Make sure to do this a few times to get a little shine on the nails before you finish.


The Stylized Puffin 31.

The Piglet 32.

The Little Pig 33.

The Big Pig 34.

The Cow 36.

The Cat 37.

The Goat 38.

The Donkey 39.

The Tiger 40.

The Unicorn 41.

The Lion 42.

The Dog 43.

The Rabbit 44.

The Owl The mani is finished!

You can keep adding more polish and creating your own unique looks with this one! 

This is an easy manicure to make.

I recommend using the same color to apply the entire manicure as you do the base. 

Here are some nail designs for you to check out!

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