This week, I had to go for a French makeover.

I wanted to be as fashionable as I could without looking weird, and I also wanted to look like a person with a very unique style.

The process is a bit of a mess.

I’m not an expert in the art of making manicures, but it turns out it’s really simple to follow these simple steps.


Brush your nails 1.

Get a manicure brush.

I used a white one because it was the cheapest and it would also look great in a photo shoot.

I went with a long, skinny brush.


Start with your nails The first thing I did was get my nails straight.

You can either do a quick clean with a cotton pad or a tissue.

But if you don’t have a disposable brush, you can use a tissue or wipe with a clean rag to get a nice clean look.

For this tutorial, I was going for a clean, natural look, so I used my finger nail to wipe off the excess tissue and wiped off the brush as well.

If you have a very dry brush, that’s probably okay too.

Just be careful to clean your finger as much as possible.


Apply the nail polish Apply the polish as if it were water, but don’t rub it on your nails.

If the polish is sticky, it’ll stick to your nails and not make a nice manicure look.

I think a little bit of dabbing with a tissue is a good idea, but I did a lot of dabming, so the polish was really good.

Apply your nails with a gentle pressure.

It will help keep the polish from sticking.


Apply more polish I tried to apply a little more polish to my nails than I normally would, but still kept the same basic design.

I applied two coats of polish and then a third.

Once it was dry, I wiped off my hands and then put my finger on the nail with the white brush to get the same manicure effect.


Dry your nails Apply your last coat of polish with a little dab of your finger to get it to feel just right.

Then, brush your nails again to give them a little extra shine.


Brush it off Repeat the process with the next coat of nail polish.

You should have a manicured look.

This tutorial was super fun to make, and it really did help me think about what I needed to do to get my French look.

Have you ever tried making your own French manicures?

If so, share your story with us in the comments section.

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