The Trump administration has been rolling out a series of executive orders and decrees in an effort to make 2016 a “good” year.

The first was the Executive Order 12333, which seeks to expedite the issuance of all federal visas to the U.S. and “suspend the implementation of the rule of nationality,” a policy that bars visas for citizens of certain countries from the U .


That was the second executive order the Trump administration issued on Monday.

That order was aimed at limiting the flow of illegal immigrants into the U, which was the subject of a heated immigration debate in the U of A. Trump has since rescinded the order.

Another executive order, Executive Order 11234, was aimed primarily at reducing the burden of federal taxes, which has led to a decrease in the federal deficit and increased the U’s economic growth rate.

It also sought to reduce the federal budget deficit.

The last executive order was Executive Order 13603, which aimed to streamline the permitting process for new pipelines in the United States.

Trump issued his first order, a series that includes a directive to the Department of Transportation to speed up the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline, which he said would help the U s economy and “lift the nation out of its debt crisis.”

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