It’s hard to imagine a more classic-looking look than the cat eye, but with all the cat-eye-wearing accessories we’ve seen lately, we’re sure some of you might have a few ideas.

We’re here to help.

This is the cat’s eye manicurist who will show you how to make this signature look for men.

Start off by washing your hands and scrubbing your face with soap and water.

Then, apply your favorite eye shadow or nail polish to your face, as well as apply a little of your favorite mascara to your eyes.

Next, apply mascara and a brush to your cat eye.

Using a little bit of mascara and brush, apply the mascara to the area around your eyes, then gently tap the area to apply a few strokes.

Finally, use your finger to apply the eye shadow to your eyelids and blend it in.

Make sure to also apply your eyeliner and lipstick to your lashes to create a beautiful, flattering look.

Make it easy on yourself by applying a moisturizer and moisturizer mask to your hair, then applying your mascara, and finally, your eyelid cream.

Apply your eyeshadow to your cheeks and eyelashes to create that cat eye effect, and finish off with a few eye shadows.

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