Marc Forsten, the cofounder and CEO of Luxe Spa, is known for his eclectic line of manicures.

But he’s also known for an unusual manicure for a man who is often seen at the center of celebrity feuds.

The name Marc Forst, a.k.a.

Marc, is derived from the German word for “little man.”

Forster has said he prefers to use the term “little manicure” for his manicures, which often feature geometric patterns and shapes.

In an interview with CNBC’s “Squawk Box” on Tuesday, Forster said his designs are meant to make people feel special and be admired.

“We want to create a space where people feel more at home, where they feel more accepted and accepted in their own skin,” he said.

“I have a love for the art of the human form,” Forster told CNBC’s Erin Roberts.

“And for me, that’s what we are.

We are creating art.

We want to make it more beautiful, more beautiful to have and to see.”

The founder and CEO also discussed his company’s plans to open a retail store in Manhattan and the company’s new Instagram account.

He said the store is still in the planning stages, and that he will unveil details of the store in a few months.

The brand will also launch an Instagram account that features an assortment of Marc Forsts from the past few months, and Forster will unveil some of them on the Instagram page for his new beauty brand.

In the interview, Forsten discussed his vision for the brand, how his manicure is unique to the brand and why his products are not available in other countries.

The manicure design is a combination of a geometric shape with a square shape.

It’s not just a geometric design, Forst said, “it’s an intricate design.

It has geometric shapes in it, and there’s a bit of a sculpting and embellishment.”

Marc Forster, the founder and COO of Luxec, is seen at a conference in Milan, Italy, in 2014.

(John Gress/Getty Images)Forst said he started his business in 2008, and his original design of a “little” manicure was created in 2009.

He says he didn’t like the look of the original design, so he took inspiration from other people.

The company was able to expand in the same time period by hiring the stylist and model in the first place, he said, and he began selling a line of custom manicures for the high-end clientele.

“We made a mistake.

We made the wrong mistake, we were too conservative, I guess,” Forst told Roberts.

The new Instagram post features some of the designs and he also shared a video on Twitter that features his “little design.”

Marc forster says the new Instagram has been a huge success.

The brand has already sold a million products, and it’s getting the word out to other high-fashion brands.

The company has been sold to a fashion house in China and it recently launched a line with other high fashion designers.

Marc Forst and his team are currently working on a new Instagram app that will allow people to follow his creations and see more of his manicurings.

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