A new French tip for every occasion, the French tip is a refreshing, yet classy, alternative to a typical manicure.

The manicure is a perfect combination of the natural beauty of flowers and the delicate precision of the French brush.

The tip consists of three different types of gel manicures.

The first, which consists of the classic green-and-white floral base, can be applied with just a single swipe.

The second gel, called ‘French Tip’, is a more traditional green-yellow base with a hint of green.

And the third gel, known as the French Tip, is a darker red base with an even more pronounced green.

The tips are available in two colors: blue and white.

The blue one is a lighter shade of blue, while the white one is more saturated with blue.

You can find the gel manicured in several styles, including a pink-green and a metallic-red one.

You can find tips in the following styles:Dermablend gel manicurant, $24.50, Mitti manicure gel, $32, Neo-Gel gel manicuri, $31, Bébé gel manicura, $35, Sauve-blue manicure manicure , Gel manicure from the La Maison de France, $23, Lumié manicure , $20, Titanium gel manicuring, $39, Pink-orange manicure with pink undertones, $22, Polish manicure base, $19, White-gold manicure by the Vintage Beauty Store, $30Source: The Jerusalem Posts

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