JAPANESE MEDITATION MEDITATIONS AUSTRALIA is in the midst of a surge in the number of people visiting a popular Japanese manicure salon, which has emerged as a destination for Japanese men seeking to make a lasting mark on their lives.

Japanese manicure artist Jana Hanashiro is the first of her kind in Australia and she is poised to be a key face in the industry.

Hanashiro started her own Japanese manicurist salon called Bikiri in 2014 after a year in Japan, where she met and fell in love with her Japanese colleague and fellow manicurists.

In the five years since she has opened up a salon at her own expense, she has become a fixture on Melbourne’s streets and in local media, with many of her clients choosing to use her services because of the quality of her work.

“The salon is my life and my work,” Hanashiris said.

While her customers have come to her to tell her about their experiences with depression, anxiety and self-injury, she said her work was also a way for them to get away from the world of work and work as a hobby.

“I think the people that have come from Japan and come here, they see me as an icon, and they want to be inspired by me,” Hanasiri said.

“It is my job to show them the beautiful beauty of the Japanese way of life, and to help them to understand that.”

Hanashirises passion for Japanese manicures began after meeting her friend who was an artist who was a passionate fan of Japanese manicuring.

She said the two of them had shared a similar passion for the Japanese art form and the Japanese people, and were both inspired by the work of Japanese artists.

It was a relationship she could not help but nurture, as she had been studying at the Art Institute of Victoria.

Hanashiri said the idea for Bikir came when she saw a photo of an elderly Japanese woman on the internet and decided to take a closer look at the salon and the style of manicure.

At the time, she was also learning about the Japanese craft, and thought it would be interesting to see how it worked.

“When I started studying Japanese, I thought I was really interested in Japanese art, and I really wanted to become an artist,” Hanashes said.

She wanted to be an artist to inspire others.

After graduating in 2017 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in English Literature and Psychology, Hanashiri took a gap year to study at the Japanese Art Museum.

However, she had already become fascinated with the craft of Japanese painting, and decided she wanted to start her own business and become an expert in Japanese nail art.

She said her passion for nail art and manicures grew from the fact she was in her 20s when she first started her business, and was already obsessed with Japanese nail care.

“Nail art is so beautiful, it has such a rich history, and it is so difficult to get that style right,” Hanashing said.

In the past few years, Hanashes passion for manicures has grown even more, with her clients now coming to her with their own manicures.

“There is a lot of love for me in Japan,” she said.

Her business has also made her into a local icon in Melbourne, and she said it was an honour to be recognised as a local celebrity.

“My name is Hanashira, and we have our own company called BIKIRI.

I feel like we are really connected to people from Japan,” Hanashediris manicure store manager Anna Lappin said.

The owner of BIKiri has also received the recognition of being the first person to get her own manicure at an international nail salon.

“People from Japan have been coming to BIKI for a long time and have been inspired by what I do,” Lappins said.

Hanasiri’s passion for nails is what has brought her to Melbourne in the first place.

“At first, I was interested in nail art because I loved it, but after I saw what other people were doing, I realised that I wanted to create my own style of nail art,” Hanats said.

“I have always loved the Japanese style of art, so I wanted something to be able to bring it back to the modern world.

Since opening my own business, I have been doing a lot to bring back the tradition.”

Hanasiris customers come from all over the world and she knows how important the work she does is to them.

“If you are not able to visit, then you are missing out on what Japan has to offer,” she joked.

Hanashes customers come to Bikiris from all around the world, and have come through her nail

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