You know when you’re sitting in your office and you have a manicure table in the corner, but you can’t find any of the items you want?

That’s because you need the manicure pieces.

There’s no way you can afford to buy a whole set.

You can’t afford a table that looks like it’s just there to look like it, either.

So how can you make a table out of all of the nail polish you have on hand?

Well, you can.

But you’re going to need to go a little crazy and put your own touches on it, like some of the crazy and cute manicure designs.

Read on to find out how to make your own crazy and adorable manicure.1.

Paint a base coat.

This is the easiest and most straightforward way to get a table.

Paint your nails in a thick coat of nail polish and let it dry completely.

This will make the nail paint thinner and less tacky.

Then, cut out a bunch of the designs and put them in a piece of plastic or cardboard, and cut the plastic out.2.

Paint the corners.

This one’s actually pretty easy.

Grab a nail polish sponge and put it over a piece (or two) of plastic and paint it in a dark brown or black.

This paint will make it look like the nail polishes are all sitting in a pile in a corner.3.

Paint corners.

If you’ve never done this before, it might seem a bit daunting, but it’s actually super easy to do.

Take your nails and place them on the cardboard or plastic.

Now, paint each nail over the paint and then over the corner.

This way, when you get to the corners of the table, they’ll look just like the nails you just used.4.

Paint corner.

The corners are a bit trickier.

If your nails are too long, you may want to use a small paint brush to make them bigger.

But if you’re using a smaller brush, just paint each corner with the same amount of nail paint as the rest of the nails.

If the corner looks like a whole bunch of nail nails, that’s good.

If it looks like you’ve just filled up the whole table with nail polish, you’re done.5.

Paint top.

You might not think about it, but the top of your table is where you put your nails.

Here, you’ll paint the top with a thin layer of nail polish.

This time, make sure to paint it with a dark red color to make it stand out from the rest.6.

Paint edges.

The edges are another tricky part.

If yours looks like an ugly mess, you might want to paint them with some nail polish.

To do that, start by adding a layer of white nail polish over the nail and then painting over that layer of polish.7.

Paint head.

Paint an equally thick coat on your nails, then add some black polish over that.

This layer of black polish will help to give the nail nails a little extra shine.8.

Paint back.

Make sure you add some more nail polish to the mix, then paint the back of the head with the top coat.9.

Paint bottom.

Paint over the top layer of the black polish, then finish the nail head with a little black polish to make the top and bottom look the same.10.

Paint sides.

This can be done with either one or both of your nails depending on how your nails look.

If they’re very thin, you could just paint them in black, but if they’re more full, you want to add a layer or two of nail lacquer.

If you’ve got a bunch, you probably want to put some in the table’s center so you can put the nail holders on them and hang them on a table frame.

You’ll also want to take care of the corners, but since you can paint them pretty much anywhere you want, that’ll be pretty easy too.

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